Rabu, Desember 01, 2010

RapidLeecher v5.0 (Alpha) untuk Download File di Rapidhare Secara Paralel

Penulis Day Milovich | Rabu, Desember 01, 2010 | 18.57.00 |

0. Parallel downloading!
1. Automated Downloading.
2. Auto start and system tray support.
3. Clipboard monitoring.
4. Silent operation mode, will sit and wait for links in system tray.
5. Pr@xy Support for simultaneous downloads and unlimited downloading.
6. Inbuilt Downloader with detailed static’s.
7. Full installer and uninstaller.
8. Simple utility.
9. Pleasant, easy to use interface.
10. Constantly Updated.
11. Adware & Spyware Free.
12. Support is provided for users with quick BUG FIXES
13. Best of All its FREE & SAFE.

RapidLeecher v5.0 (Alpha)

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