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Access Windows Login XP SP2 Without Knowing the Password

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Access Windows Login XP SP2 Without Knowing the Password

Your windows login was locked. You can not login. You forget the Windows login password, or have no Administration priviledge, or have no money or time to run third party software.

You only have CD master installer Windows XP SP2. :(
You can gain the access to reset Windows login password!!!

How to login into Windows login without password?

For most cases:
You only need to change prompted username, to
Usename: Administrator (with capital “A”)
Password: usually left blank (without password), or the password is Administrator (with capital “A”)

But the system do not grant you the access?
Don’t worry,, Boy.

Run this tutorials to reset your Windows login password if you only have CD installer Windows XP SP2:

1. Insert the Windows XP installer disc into the optical drive (CD/DVD)
2. Set your BIOS to boot firstly from CD/DVD
3. If the message “Press any key to boot from CD”, just wait
4. “Welcome to setup” screen to appear, just press enter.
5. Press F8 to agree on “the License Agreement”.
6. You will be prompted to repair or install a fresh copy of Windows XP. Press R to repair.
7. The system will then reboot/restart after setup checked the disk and copied setup files. Wait again and again,, let the system to reboot.
8. DO NOT TOUCH YOUR KEYBOARD when prompted to “Press any key to boot from CD”. REMEMBER: WAIT AND WAIT. :)
9. The setup will be automatically start the setup process. WAIT. When you see the words “Installing Devices” at the bottom,, press SHIIFT+F10
10. Command prompt will appear. Type: NUSRMGR.CPL
11. Choose the username you want to repair. Change or Reset the password!!!
12. When setup is finished, system will reboot and you’ll be automatically enter your system if you choose to delete the password or need to enter your new password if you just edit your forgotten password.

Use for emergency purpose and reparation only. Do not hack your school computer.

That’s all. You can gain the access to locked Windows login password only with CD master installer Windows XP SP2. :) [dmlv]

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